What if you could consistently publish new podcast episodes with a simple framework?

Whether you produce a podcast solo or with a team, we'll walk you through ways to organize, automate, outsource, and streamline planning and production so you can stay consistent and grow your biz.

Truthfully, you could plan all day and never publish a single episode. 

As a small business owner, you started your podcast because you wanted to connect with your audience and get the word out about your amazing offers, but time is limited, and you are getting pulled in a thousand different directions. 

Now podcasting has fallen by the wayside, and you are wondering how you'll ever regain momentum.

You know that podcasting is a powerful marketing tool for your business, but you are overwhelmed by all the tasks, from brainstorming ideas to editing and publishing.

What if you could magically

organize, automate and streamline the production of your show? Well, you need a game plan. 🪄

No more wasting time emailing guests back-and-forth trying to figure out a good time to record. No more using the wrong tools that complicate matters and keep you disorganized. No more losing pieces of paper with valuable episode ideas and topics. We are putting an end to all of that! 🛑


Podcast Production Workflows For Online Biz Owners

Your game plan for organizing and optimizing your podcast production workflow.

This self-paced course covers ways to streamline your podcast production workflow from planning to promotion, and everything in between.

Created by real small biz owners who run podcasts solo and with a team.

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Here's What We Cover

  • Workflow Overview

    Podcast workflow examples for different types of businesses (solo and teams).

  • Guest Booking Process

    Set up your guest booking process and automate with Calendly.

  • Staying Consistent

    Tips for sticking to your content calendar and working with an editor.

  • Industry Insights

    Avoid making costly mistakes with the insights and tips shared by experienced podcasters.

  • Productions Tools & Resources

    A list of tools we absolutely cannot live without.

Create your workflow with ease!

Stop dreading your show. Simplify the most rewarding (and profitable) part of your biz.

🎁 Plus These Bonuses...

To Improve Your Podcast Production Process

  • Bonus 1: Calendly Video Tutorial

    Learn how to use Calendly to book guests automatically to your calendar and receive all their information for your show notes without the long email threads.

  • Bonus 2: List of questions to include in your guest intake form.

    Collect all your guest info in one place with a list of questions you can quickly add to your intake form.

  • Bonus 3: Podcast Production Spreadsheet

    Keep track of all your podcasting related tasks in one place with a customizable spreadsheet. Share this spreadsheet with your team or keep it to yourself.

After this course, you will...

  • Use trusted tools to schedule, record, edit, host, and promote your podcast.

  • Start automating your podcast guest booking process with Calendly.

  • Know exactly what to include in your guest intake form and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth with potential guests.

  • Learn how to confidently delegate tasks to team members.

  • Get helpful tips for working with editors.

  • Finally stop feeling guilty about not releasing new episodes consistently.

  • Set yourself up to generate consistent leads for your business through your podcast.

See What We Cover Inside 👀

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    Creating Your Workflow

    • Lesson 1: Podcast Production Overview

    • Lesson 2: Booking Guests Workflow

    • Lesson 3: Calendly Tutorial (Automating Booking Guests)

    • Common Questions in Guest In-Take Form

    • Lesson 4: Ways To Stay Consistent Podcasting

    • Lesson 5: Team Production Workflow

    • Lesson 6: Working With Editors

  • 3

    Bonus Resources

    • [Download] Podcast Production Planner [TEMPLATE] *Make Copy BEFORE Using*

    • SEO Tools & Hiring

  • 4


    • You're Ready Crush Your Production Goals!

About Your Instructors

Melody Johnson, Tech Extraordinnaire

Melody Johnson is the owner and founder of The Course Consultant and host of The Course Consultant Show. She helps course creators, coaches, and SaaS owners increase annual revenue through powerful learning experiences. Melody has extensive experience hiring and training a team of virtual assistants to assist in producing her podcast. She believes that to remain sustainable you have to have the right systems in place.
Melody Johnson course creator of Podcast Production Workflows For Online Biz Owners

Danielle Desir, Pod Marketing Nerd

Danielle Desir is a podcast marketing coach, founder of WOC Podcasters, and the host of The Thought Card Podcast. When she started podcasting in 2018, she wore all the hats in her creative business. Danielle has since successfully outsourced editing and creating show notes. In this course she shares how to create a production workflow both when you're working independently and best practices for working collaboratively with an editor.
Danielle Desir is a course creator of Podcast Production Workflows For Online Biz Owners

Create your podcast production workflow once and for all!

Reap the rewards of using your podcast to promote your biz.