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Why Facebook Groups Fail

It's no secret that Facebook groups are an incredible way to grow your brand and nurture your podcast audience. However, many new Facebook groups fail because the admins are ill prepared. To create an engaged Facebook community that will like, comment, share and evangelize your work, you need to 1) have a mission for your community 2) create a sustainable workflow for your tasks and 3) be willing to show up consistently, especially when you're starting out.

Why Yours Won't Fail

In this workshop, you will learn...

  • The important things to consider before starting a Facebook group.

  • The digital assets and graphics you'll need to create before launching.

  • How to schedule posts so you don't miss a day.

  • How to stay organized once your group is live.

  • Ways to save time on administrative tasks as an admin.

  • Tips for engaging your audience regularly.

Get a Behind the Scenes Look

Running an Engaged Facebook Community

Get tools, tips and resources from the founder of WOC Podcasters, a Facebook community that has grown to 3,000+ members from 50+ countries in 2 years. In 2018, WOC Podcasters was invited to the attend the Facebook Communities summit and was recognized as one of the most impactful communities on the platform. This summit hosted 400+ community and small business leaders from around the world.
Danielle Desir 2019 Facebook Communities Summit Attendee.

This Workshop Is For:

  • Aspiring community builders who want to nurture their audiences and offer more value.

  • Podcasters who want to learn how to grow a strong community around their mission and brand.

  • Podcasters who want to grow their email list.

  • Frustrated admins who are having a hard time engaging their community and want to significantly boost interaction.

  • Busy content creators who don't have a lot of time to commit to admin tasks.

  • Solopreneurs and one-person teams who lack the resources to hire out right now.

Workshop Includes

  • 1

    Launch & Grow Workshop

    • Facebook Batching Tutorial Video

    • Managing Fast Growing Facebook Communities

    • Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Instructor

Community Lead

Danielle Desir

I'm the founder of WOC (Women of Color) Podcasters, the first community of its kind dedicated to amplifying the voices of women of color in the podcasting industry. Since 2018, I have helped connect thousands of women of color podcasters by growing a Facebook community of over 3,000 members. I have spoken at various podcasting conferences such as Podcast Movement, D.C. Podfest and She Podcasts Live. I have also been a guest on over 40 shows. I am passionate about helping indie podcasters thrive and prosper so they can reach their fullest potential as content creators.

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